About Us

Mission Statement

The bridge connecting the Marketing, Advertising and Academic Communities.

Our Priorities

  • Expand and elevate the dialogue surrounding advertising and marketing
  • Connect the academic community with the advertising and marketing community to expand insights, innovation and intellectual capital
  • Attract the highest level of talent to the advertising and marketing industry
  • To achieve our mission, our focus will be on professors and students in liberal arts colleges while also including business faculties and practitioners in the industry

Target Audience

Primary: Students and professors in liberal arts and business schools
Secondary: Practitioners in the advertising and marketing industry
Tertiary: Anyone interested in advertising and marketing around the world


The AEF is the bridge connecting the advertising, marketing and academic communities. Created in 1983 and supported by its three constituencies, advertising, media and marketing, the AEF is a 501(c)3 operating foundation. We create and distribute educational content to improve the understanding and appreciation of the societal role of advertising and marketing through our programs on college campuses across the country. These programs have continuously played a role in attracting high quality college graduates to our industry. In 2015, the AEF joined the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) as their educational foundation.

We achieve our mission through our 3 core pillars: Partnership Programs, Academic Resources, and Building the Next Generation of Talent.

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