Practitioner Presentations

A collection of presentations given by our Speakers on campus. Various topics including Ethics in Advertising, Public Service Advertising and Global Advertising.

Social Networking

How Social Networking has changed the media landscape for advertising.


Perspectives on advertising globally, across cultures and how to adapt for the future.

Paradigm Busting

Insights into brand paradigms and how to win big by breaking the rules.

To BE or not to BE – Branded Entertainment

A look at branded entertainment and its relationship with the consumer.

Continuous Marketing Reinvention

Technology is transforming all aspects of the marketing landscape. In response, leaders must continuously reinvent the marketing process with a sharp focus on four key pillars.

Ethics in Advertising: The Players, the Rules and the Scorecard

The presentation discusses how critical ethics is to the industry due to advertising’s enormous impact on society.

Brands Across Borders

There exists today a universal language of brands that speaks to consumers at a level transcending cultural, social, political, economic and geographic borders.

Ethics in Advertising

People in advertising spend a lot of their time dealing with ethical choices. This presentation discusses some of the ethical questions that make our jobs on Madison Avenue more interesting.


Advertising is about selling. By nature, advertising is neither neutral nor objective. Pleading its case through the strongest, most persuasive means, advertising informs, entertains and sells.

Public Service

Highlighted here is the work of two of the most prominent industry organizations serving the public: The Advertising Council and The Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

Advertising Industry’s Commitment to Social Responsibility

Keynote address given at AEF’s Annual Symposium by Keith Reinhard, Chairman, DDB Worldwide.




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