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IW Group, Inc.

MetLife: "Passing Down Values" 1st Place/Gold - Creative Campaign of the Year

Gaddha Video

Gaddha Script (34.39 K)

Tilak Video

Tilak Script (44.79 K)

Touching Feet Video

Touching Feet Script (33.76 K)

U.S. Census Bureau: "2010 Census Asian Campaign: "Empowerment (Television) and "Extended Family" (print)

OOH Extended Family (1.93 M)

TV Empowerment Korean Script (93.01 K)


Farmers Insurance Group: "Farmers Agents Are Thinking of You"

Grand Opening Video

Grand Opening Hybrid Script (114.75 K)

Smoke Alarm Driving Video

Smoke Alarm Driving Script (122.80 K)

McDonald's: "Brain" Co-Marketer/Client of the Year

McCafe Online Consciousness (722.83 K)

McCafe Print Consciousness (2.98 M)

McCafe TV Consciousness Script (96.21 K)