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2004 Radio-Mercury Award Winners

Click on the title of the winning spot you would like to hear

$100,000 Grand Prize Winner   $5,000 General Prize Winner
Genius/Mr. Way Too Much Cologne Wearer   Whisper
Anheuser-Busch/Bud Light   Unilever HPC/Snuggle Sunkissed Breeze
DDB Chicago   Lowe, New York
$5,000 General Prize Winner   $5,000 General Prize Winner
Young   CEO
Florida Department of Health/Quitline   Motel 6
Anson-Stoner   The Richards Group
$5,000 General Prize Winner   $5,000 General Prize Winner
French Toast Sticks   Unpleasant Side Effects
Sonic Drive-In   Miller/Miller Lite
Barkley Evergreen & Partners   Y&R Chicago
$5,000 General Prize Winner   Public Service Announcement Prize Winner
California Heart Attack   The Gay Son
OnStar   Stonewall - Columbus
Campbell-Ewald   Method
$5,000 General Prize Winner   $5,000 Spanish-Language Prize Winner
Mogulsexual   Gritos
Telluride   Heineken USA/Heineken
Crispin Porter + Bogusky   The Vidal Partnership
$5,000 General Prize Winner   $5,000 Radio Station-Produced Prize Winner
Father   Dreaming
Mount Sinai   Keeney Bros. Music Center
DeVito/Verdi   KHTR/KQQQ
$5,000 General Prize Winner   $2,500 Student Winner
Horses   Can Karma
Saturn/ION   Brainco
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners    
Celebrate Radio!

AEF would like to thank the Radio-Mercury Awards for their gracious support in the donation of this material to aef.com.



Radio Mercury Awards

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