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I'm interested in an internship and I want to produce TV commercials. To whom should I apply within an agency?

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Patty Enright: Typically, it's either going to be the television production area or you're going to be looking for the creative recruiter within a large agency. But typically, and again I think in all of our agencies we have actually production, television production departments, and you'd be looking for an internship with a producer.
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Angel Rivera: There are various types of internship programs. The 4As, which is the American Association of Advertising Agencies, they have a very good internship program, particularly they have a minority internship program that I believe is 10 weeks during the summer throughout the country. We host about 20 interns every summer through that organization and through that program. Unfortunately, the application was due last month (January) but if you're a junior, or even a senior, or even graduate students who actually participate in the internship program, I recommend that highly. You have the 4As and you also have the American Advertising Federation, AAF, which is another good web site to go check out. So, I would check out both of those web sites, the 4As and the AAF. They have internship programs that you can connect to.
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Patty Enright: You can follow the traditional paths that we've talked about to get introduced to an agency outside of one of these programs. Check with an alumna, if there is one, because again that person might get you in front of the right individual. Also, very often we secure interns very early in the year and guess what happens? Sometimes someone, for whatever reason, can't make it, so later in the game there are often spots. If you're really serious about it, just don't drop the ball. Keep pushing, you'll get one. You really will. If you don't at one of the large ones, try the smaller agencies.
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