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Career Advice from the Pros

Do you feel it's better to actually call the agencies directly and inquire about internships that way or go to the career service and placement office?

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Steve Norcia: I think you have to do everything you can. Think about it as a contest and you have to get across the finish line before everybody else.


What disciplines or courses of study are advertising agency recruiters interested in seeing?

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Steve Norcia: Okay, so, the other thing I wanted to say on behalf of the AEF just for a couple of minutes is to say that their mission now is to spend time with liberal arts colleges, which may come as a surprise to you, but I want to build on what Anne said before about general knowledge. Liberal arts is probably the place where you get the general education that advertising agencies want the most, so that's something to keep in mind. That doesn't mean that if you have an MBA, that we're not going to be interested in you at all. That's not the case. But the truth of the matter is right now, at least, the Advertising Educational Foundation is driving very, very hard in the area of liberal arts, as opposed to business schools or advertising schools necessarily. So, you'll see us making more talks at universities that are liberal arts universities.


Why is that?

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Steve Norcia: Because we feel that a general education is probably a better place for most advertising people to come from because of the generalness of the discipline.


So, what most agencies are looking for is liberal arts?

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Angel Rivera: I think to what Rene said earlier, I'm not sure that there's any cookie cutter prototype. But at the end of the day I think if we were to look at the grads that we hired last year, they all wouldn't have come from marketing or business school programs or advertising programs. But they would have come from as equally Princeton as they would BU marketing department or a business school here.
Steve Norcia: I think the emphasis of our organization, the AEF, Advertising Educational Foundation, in the past had sort of gone towards more business schools. Now we've changed that because we all feel that liberal arts are probably a better place to go. I want to thank our panelists for being with us. (Applause)