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Career Stories - Jimmy

Associate Account Manager
D'Arcy, New York

My first real job was at TBWA/Chiat Day in NYC. I got a job as an assistant media planner on the Infiniti East Region account hoping it would lead to an account service job. It was a good experience overall. I still use some of the media skills in my job today.

AEF: How many people did you have to meet with?

Jimmy: I think, including H/R, I met with the entire Infiniti account and media team, which was about 12 people.

AEF: Did they ask you any surprising questions?

Jimmy: Not really, by that time I had interviewed at every major ad shop and knew what to expect. The interview paradigm that is used for college graduates is pretty basic so the format of questions stays the same...

AEF: How long a period of time were you there being interviewed?

Jimmy: I went back several times, but all in all I would say I logged in about 7 hours worth of interviews.

AEF: How long a period of time passed between your interview(s) and your start date?

Jimmy: After they interviewed me, I got a call a week later and I started a week later.

AEF: How were you notified that you were hired?

Jimmy: My headhunter called me to tell me the good news. We were both excited.

AEF: Did you send a thank-you note?

Jimmy: Yeah, I wrote a thank you note to everyone on the team. A year later when I got hired for my D'Arcy job, the H/R woman had still remembered me from my thank you note. :) Always helps to leave an impression.

AEF: Things you know now that you wish you knew then:

Jimmy: I studied advertising in a top-notch program (UT at Austin), but that doesn't prepare you for a real life experience. I had three internships going in, but it still wasn't nearly the same as when I started working. Many of the skills you learn in college help a little, but most of the accounts are run on a case by case basis and according to how management operates. There is no textbook answer.

AEF: How many jobs have you had since then?

Jimmy: Just these 2. I am doing just fine.