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Career Stories - Ken

Non-linear Editor/Compositor McCann-Erickson, New York

My first job was at McCann-Erickson New York

AEF: How many people did you have to meet with?

Ken: Two. My manager and Head of Production.

AEF: Did they ask you any surprising questions?

Ken: Not really. They were pretty up-front about it.

AEF: How long a period of time were you there being interviewed?

Ken: About 20-25 minutes.

AEF: How long a period of time passed between your interview(s) and your start date?

Ken: Two weeks.

AEF: How were you notified that you were hired?

Ken: Right away after the interview.

AEF: Did you send a thank-you note?

Ken: No.

AEF: Things you know now that you wish you knew then:

Ken: How much an editor is really worth.

AEF: Things you wish someone had told you when you were just starting out:

Ken: How much an editor is really worth. And that the biggest agency is not necessarily the best.

AEF: How many jobs have you had since then?

Ken: One, this is it!