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Memos for Account Management

The following memos were created by Bruce Kelley, Vice Chairman, The Martin Agency to provide tips and recommendations for agency staff, primarily Account Management, to help deal with the myriad issues faced on the job.

Memo Subject:
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Bruce Kelley
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The Right Kind of Responsiveness

Account Management Role in Creative Work

The Roles of Account Management and Strategic Planning

How to Push Back

How to be Proactive

Getting Into the Client's Business

Handling Crisis

How to Think Defensively

Assessing Your Client's Profile

Burning Bridges

Demonstrating Compassion

How to Give Criticism

Managing Up/Managing Down

Changing Behavior

The Importance of Pre-Selling

Account Management Deadly Sins


Borrowing Wisdom

The New Year - A Good Time for New Beginnings

Account Management Antennae

Why Mentoring is Important

Mission vs. Goals vs. Objectives vs. Strategy vs. Executions vs. Tactics

How to Hold a Good Meeting

What to do When you Have Ten Pounds of Material, but you Only Have a Five Pound Bag





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