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Inside Advertising Forum


What is the IAF?

The Inside Advertising Forum digital journal is created to help connect professional practitioners of advertising with students and academics interested to learn the "state of the art". IAF hopes to inspire a new generation of professionals and play a role in the ongoing education about the advertising industry.

Why do we need IAF?

The AEF wanted to create a new resource for the industry, and academia, to be a natural complement to ADText and A&SR (our academic-focused titles). The IAF will enable aggregation of knowledge from experts across our ever-changing profession.

How will it work?

Advertising luminaries will be invited to write an article about an area of their expertise, published with cooperation from Google's Knol platform. Each article will be reviewed by the Editorial Board before being posted for reader's commentary and debate.


***List here the luminaries and direct link to their Knol article
***List on separate page the Editorial Board



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