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Top Marketers Discuss Advertising's Role in Building their Businesses and Brands
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Interview Guide

Questions for Herb Kelleher
Chairman, President & CEO, Southwest Airlines
(approx. 12 minutes)

  1. Why use an advertising agency?
  2. Couldn't this service be provided in-house by your own people?
  3. When should the agency get involved with the strategy/execution?
  4. Is the client/agency relationship different in any way from other business relationships?
  5. What does the agency have to do to earn the client's trust?
  6. When an agency is really delivering for you, what are they doing? What is the client doing?
  7. So you think a client should encourage the agency to stand by its creative/ideas?
  8. Is it practical for a CEO to stay involved with the advertising process?
  9. What kind of agency people do you feel do the best work for you?
  10. Does the advertising agency have a future? Will they be there in the next millennium?