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Who Wants to Direct A Ford Commercial?
Dearborn, Mich.

Ford Motor doesn't want you to marry a fake multimillionaire, but it dies want you to help wed elements in upcoming commercials.

Ford is adding a new dimension of variability to its 'live' Ford Focus ad campaign by allowing participants to choose the cast members, Ford Focus model and situations for each spot on Ford's Focus247.com web site within minutes after the spots air.

The new element, replacing spots with TBS' Dinner and a Movie star Annabelle Gurwitch, is intended to create a more spontaneouse feel, said Julie Roehm, Focus brand manager.

"The live element is secondary to the interactive component," she said. "In the live spots, people had to mess up or break a leg or something for people to know it's live. Now we have to react to requests."

The commercials break March 8 on ABC's Two Girls and a Guy, The Norm Show, Drew Carey, and 20/20.

The campaign calls for Ford's Internet partners -- including Yahoo, Bolt and iVillage -- to run banners linked to the Focus site. Participants can earn points for their ideas, more points if suggestions are used, and become eligible to win $100,000 worth of Sony prizes, including a Sony special edition Focus.

While some of the live elements of the campaign have come under criticism, Ford claims the Focus boasts the highest number of buyers under age 25 of any vehicle through the end of 1999.


Jeff Green, Adweek, February 28, 2000

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