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Jenny Craig Sheds Monica From New Diet Commercials

Diet company Jenny Craig has trimmed a heavyweight from its new ad campaign Monica Lewinsky.

The once-chubby Sexgate siren, who weighed in as Jenny Craig's slimming spokeswoman in December, does not appear in its newest TV ads.

So what's the skinny?

"The reason she's not in the ad is because we are focusing on the program as opposed to any one individual client," said company spokeswoman Jeanne McDougall. "But our relationship with her continues unchanged."

"She's not in this promotional campaign, but that doesn't mean she won't be doing something in the future," McDougall said.

But a source close to Lewinsky said the "primary reason" she's not in the commercials is "she objects to the ads themselves. They are rather clunky."

"Monica bitched and moaned about the last ones," and felt they were "too 1950s, too formulaic," the source said. "They don't try anything new. She wanted them to be hip and they are not."

Some Jenny Craig franchises had refused to use the Lewinsky spots in January, declaring the former White House intern was not an appropriate role model.

But McDougall said, "The majority ... did use them and as a company, we were pleased with the results of the advertising campaign in January."

A spokeswoman for Lewinsky did not return a call for comment.

Lewinsky has dropped 31 pounds on the Jenny Craig program and kept them off, the company spokeswoman said.

"She continues on the program and is pleased with it," she said. "We are proud of her success."

As a "testimonial client," Lewinsky continues to talk about her experience on the diet plan when interviewed. "When she was at Bendel's she spoke about it to people," McDougall said, referring to Lewinsky's appearance at Henri Bendel last month to promote the sale of her handbag line. Shoppers said Lewinsky, wearing tight jeans and a pink snakeskin vest, looked svelte. The new batch of Jenny Craig ads feature five new testimonial clients from around the country, "each one representing a different lifestyle." They include Emma Hershey, a Chicago-area business manager, and Isabel Collins, a neonatal nurse from Philadelphia, both of whom lost about 30 pounds, McDougall said.


RITA DELFINER, 11 Apr 2000, New York Post

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