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Ling criticized for 'Old Navy' ads

Lisa Ling says she didn't do it just for the money - cavort in capri pants in Old Navy commercials, that is. The co-host of the ABC talk show "The View" says she took the job, which offered her creative control, to fight stereotypes.

"I saw this commercial as empowering and pretty cool because it shows a minority woman in control and not submissive to a white man's needs," Ling said told students Friday at Duke University. "It says women can choose capri pants over hot guys if we want to."

But Ling, 26, said that is not what many others, especially the Asian community, thought.

"The Asian-American community saw it as me being materialistic and selling out to Old Navy," she said. "I was even getting blasted in online chat rooms for not having an Asian man in the commercial."


, April 11, 2000, Associated Press

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