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Survey on E-Advertising Conducted in HK

A survey on E-Advertising in Hong Kong showed that portals of the industry and trade category enjoyed the highest click thru rate, said Thomas Tang, executive director of the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) Tuesday.

"To help local advertisers assess the effectiveness of their online advertisements, HKPC and APL Digital conducted the E- Advertising survey in March-April 2000 to enable 13 advertisers from various product categories to advertise on the top 28 websites in Hong Kong," Tang said.

Under the program, 28 local sponsoring portals contributed 14. 18 million impressions as banner advertisements over a period of four weeks.

A total of 13 advertisers were recruited from six product categories including general consumer products, eAuction/eRetail products, mobile devices, durable products, airline products and banking and insurance products.

According to Tang, during the experimental period, the banner advertisements of the recruited advertisers were placed on the sponsored websites over various time periods when the corresponding impression rate, click thru rate, acceptance customer demographics response and related data information were collected.

All banners were located on the designated websites on a rotational basis and consumer response to these banners was recorded throughout these four weeks.

Summarizing findings of the survey, Tang said "the number of click thru recorded was 50,313, representing 0.35 percent of the impression level and 3,916 questionnaire respondents were recorded, representing 7.78 percent of the click thru rate."

Portal with high impression levels included Internet Service Provider (ISP)/search engine, eMedia and infotainment.

Portals with high click thru rates were industry and trade, ISP/ search engine and interest group, with rate of 0.79 percent, 0.57 percent and 0.42 percent respectively.

Meanwhile, eAuction/eRetail and mobile devices of the six product categories had the highest click thru rates, with rate of 0.57 percent and 0.55 percent respectively.


unknown, May 30, 2000, XINHUA via NewsEdge Corporation

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