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Cause Marketing Increasingly Successful According to Survey By Promotion Marketing Association and Gable Group

Over 85 percent of corporations and 65 percent of not-for-profit organizations polled participated in cause marketing partnerships to raise money and attention for worthwhile causes during 1999, according to a survey released by The Promotion Marketing Association (PMA), the leading trade organization representing the promotion marketing industry, and The Gable Group, a California-based public relations and Internet communications agency.

Two concurrent surveys were conducted by mail and fax to corporate members of the PMA and executives of leading not-for-profits. The survey evaluated the level of activity, results, forms of funding and future plans for cause-related co-marketing ventures. The survey found that 94 percent of the non-profits and 35 percent of the corporations saw the trend toward using cause-related marketing increasing over the next two to three years.

"Cause marketing is becoming a more important component of strategic communications and branding programs," said Tom Gable, chairman and CEO of The Gable Group. "In working with Internet companies throughout the U.S., we see the next major advance will be in combining on-line and off-line programs. Mutual linking of sites, email programs and Internet-based contests tied to specific appeals will add impact to traditional retail events and increase return for the non-profits."

The survey showed 85 percent of non-profit agencies and 41 percent of corporations felt that the Internet was an effective vehicle for promotions.

"We expect the use of the Internet for cause-related marketing to more than double in 2000 and again in 2001," said Gable.

Both non-profit agencies and corporations felt a number of goals and objectives of cause related marketing programs were similar within both parties. Ninety-two percent of non-profit organizations and 100% of corporations felt that setting specific goals were key for overall success. Brand awareness was also found to be a significant factor as 100% of the charities and 88% of corporations utilized the charity logo as part of their campaigns.

"The Cause Marketing Survey indicates that cause marketing is an increasingly popular marketing strategy," said Claire Rosenzweig, CAE, Executive Director of the Promotion Marketing Association, Inc. "Based on the number of corporations and non-profits that participated in cause marketing campaigns, as well as the high percentage of those expressing their satisfaction with the decision to do so, this survey suggests that the relationships between charities and corporations are strong and successful. The PMA has published this information to provide its members with an evaluation of both non-profit and corporate marketing, and assist them in determining what are the most effective ways to conduct a joint marketing campaign with non-profit agencies."

A complete version of the study will be available by visiting http://www.pmalink.org. The study was executed by Westfield Marketing Inc., a PMA member.


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