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Spending Increases in Gay Magazines

Advertising spending spent in publications aimed at gay and lesbian readers rose again last year, according to an annual survey.

The annual Gay Press Report estimates that spending for 1999 totaled $155.3 million, an increase of 29 percent from $120.4 million spent in 1998. It was the second-largest percentage increase in the six years the report has been compiled; in that period, spending in publications read by homosexuals has almost tripled.

The survey, which included 161 local and national newspapers, magazines and newsletters, found large percentage increases in spending by advertisers in categories like banks, brewers, pets and veterinarians, retail, tobacco and travel.

The survey was compiled by Rivendell Marketing in Westfield, N.J., which acquired the rights after the closing of the agency that originated the survey, Mulryan/Nash in New York. Todd Evans, president and chief executive at Rivendell, said he would expand the survey by also tracking ad spending on Web sites aimed at gay men and lesbians.


, June 12, 2000, The New York Times

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