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Bush Ad Inspires SAG Chief's Ire

(The Hollywood Reporter) Texas Gov. George W. Bush "is no friend of labor" and "his word apparently means very little," according to Screen Actors Guild president William Daniels, who blasted the Republican presidential candidate for allowing his campaign to shoot a political ad with nonunion actors during SAG's strike against the advertising industry.

Bush and Vice President Al Gore were widely praised by leaders of SAG and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists because their presidential campaigns were among the first to sign the unions' interim agreements, which allow advertisers to shoot commercials with union actors during the strike, now in its 11th week.

Praise turned to scorn Saturday, when the Bush campaign filmed a nonunion ad in New York.

"SAG and AFTRA are extremely disappointed by the actions of Gov. Bush and his campaign," Daniels said over the weekend. "He is running for president on the promise of integrity, honor and trust, but his word apparently means very little. His nonunion commercial shoot was not only an insult to every SAG and AFTRA member, but it also sends a clear message to over 13 million AFL-CIO union members and their families in America that George W. Bush is no friend of labor."

About 50 union actors picketed the filming of the political ad Saturday at various locations in and around Prospect Park in Brooklyn, but Bush was not present.


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