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Hearst-Argyle Sets Kid-Friendly Ad Policy

Hearst-Argyle Television has announced that its outlets will not accept advertising for R-rated movies before 9 p.m. Hearst-Argyle owns or manages 26 TV stations, reaching 17.5 percent of U.S. households. It is the first affiliate group to make this kind of promise.

"This has been an informal policy at our group, and at this point we have chosen to make it a firm rule across all our stations," said Hearst-Argyle executive vice president and COO Tony Vinciquerra. Moreover, he said that his TV stations will not accept any inappropriate ads during any show that has high child viewership levels.

Hearst-Argyle is the largest ABC affiliate group in the country. Disney, parent company of ABC, made the same pledge last month in light of government blasting of the entertainment industry for marketing violent content to kids. The other major networks did not follow suit.


Megan Larson, Mediaweek Online. October 3, 2000

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