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The Unbelievers
True, False or Neither?

No doubt consumers believe advertising has many fine qualities. Truthfulness, alas, is not one of them. In a survey conducted for ADWEEK by research firm Alden & Associates of Hermosa Beach, Calif., people were asked, "Do you think advertising generally tells the truth?" A huge majority (80.8 percent) of respondents said "no"- and not, we fear, because they believe advertising invariably tells the truth. Women were more likely than men to be naysayers, by 82.7 percent to 78.4 percent. In the face of such skepticism, some advertisers will redouble their efforts to seem truthful. Others may decide believability is such a lost cause that they should focus their messages in more promising directions. Indeed, more and more advertising features an off-the-wall brashness that makes any questions of truth or falsehood seem quite beside the point.


Author Unknown, ADWEEK. January 10, 2000.

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