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ANA Survey Finds Traditional Marketers Using Web To Promote Brand Loyalty

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has released its fifth annual Web site and Internet advertising survey. The results show that major companies have continued to expand their Web marketing efforts, increasing their average number of Web sites from 6.1 sites in 1999 to 9.7 in 2000.

Marketers spent an average of $665,000 in 2000 to develop a site, an increase of 24 percent, and $691,000 to maintain the site. According to the survey, which was fielded in April-June 2001, developing and/or improving brand loyalty was the primary goal for Web marketing among half of the respondents, a 10-point increase over 1999.

The vast majority of respondents--nearly 80 percent--said they advertised online in 2000, up nearly two-thirds in the prior year. Marketers spent an average of $2.4 million each, up 24 percent.

While online advertising accounted for 2.9 percent of total ad spending in both 1999 and 2000, only 41 percent of respondents expected to see an increase in Internet ad spending in 2001.


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