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Online Ad Spending Fell 15% in 2001

Online ad spending dropped nearly 15 percent in 2001, to $2.5 billion, according to the latest figures from CMRi. Despite last year's slide, the Internet division of CMR predicts that Internet ad spending will recover in 2002, growing nearly 9 percent.

"With the year 2002 already showing some signs of improvement, we're expecting to see an upswing in spending by third quarter," said David Peeler, president and CEO of CMR. "In fact, CMR estimates that Internet spending will lead the way in 2002, in terms of significant growth."

Last year, EBay unseated General Motors as the top online ad spender. The auction site spent about $45 million, nearly $2 million more than the automaker. Providian allocated about $29 million to its Internet advertising. Rounding out the top five, Amazon and Barnes & Noble spent about $28 million and $26 million on online advertising, respectively. Other top spenders included Bank One, AOL Time Warner, Classmates Online, Vivendi Universal and Dell Computer Corp.

Yahoo sustained its No. 1 position as the leading Web site, generating the most dollars in 2001 with $344 million for the year. Its main competitor, AOL.com, took in nearly $320 million. Excite and Lycos generated less than half of that in online revenue, bringing in $127 million and $111 million, respectively. Other top earners for 2001 included Netscape, AltaVista, WebCrawler, ESPN, MSN and Weather.com.


Ann M. Mack, Mediaweek.com. March 8, 2002

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