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Can you recall that television ad you saw on the Internet?

The Online Publishers Association (OPA) announced last month the results of a media mix study undertaken with Millward Brown IntelliQuest in February 2002. The study tested recall and memorability of online and television advertising - each alone and in combination - following a single exposure to the ad creative.

The study concluded that there is a positive, synergistic effect when TV and online advertising are used in combination. In a test of day-after ad recall, those who had been exposed to both the TV and the online ads were significantly more likely to remember the TV ad than those who were exposed only to the TV ad (32% vs. 23%).

Advertising for the United States Air Force, created by GSD&M of Austin, Texas, was used for the test. The online advertising appeared as a sponsorship on the ESPN.com Web site, and the TV advertising ran during an episode of the ABC television show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire."

The study also found that day-after awareness of online Air Force advertising was significantly higher among those who had been exposed to the online ads (38%) compared to the control group (21%). Further, day-after recall of the specific online creative was more than double that of the control group (65% vs. 30%), and even higher (78%) for those who had also seen the ad on TV.

"This research shows how powerful the 'brick and click' combination of online and TV can be for marketers," said Michael Zimbalist, executive director of the Online Publishers Association. "TV advertisers who aren't currently including online in their media plans are missing an opportunity to boost the overall effectiveness of their campaigns."

Jill Otto, group media director at GSD&M on the Air Force account, said: "This research gives us confidence that including online in the media mix can help further the brand goals of our clients."

The research was conducted via the Lightspeed online panel developed by Lightspeed Research, matching demographics to the GSD&M Air Force target. The study utilized four distinct cells with stringent qualifications. The four cells comprised online ad exposed, television ad exposed, both television and online ad exposed and a control group.


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