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Ad revenues multiply

Cable, syndication and Spanish-lingo TV enjoyed full-bodied gains in ad revenues last year while broadcast television saw only a minimal bump.

Taken together, advertising expenditures for all media saw strong growth in 2003, increasing 6.1% to $128.3 billion, according to a report released Monday by TNS Media Intelligence/CMR. Report covers television, radio, newspapers, consumer mags and the Internet.

"While 2003 began with the ad marketplace being uncertain about the direction of the economy and the war's impact on spending, the reality was overall advertising was not adversely affected," TNS prexy-CEO Steven Fredericks said.

While far more was spent on broadcast net buys, cable was still the rising star.

Broadcast TV took in $20.3 billion in 2003, a 1.8% increase over 2002. But cable led all other media except for the Internet in terms of growth, with ad revenues totaling $12.2 billion -- a 15.6% jump.

At $3.4 billion, national syndication saw a 15.3% increase, taking in $3.4 billion. Ad spending on Spanish-language television grew by 12.8% to $2.2 billion, according to TNS.

The Internet saw a 15.7% increase in ad revenues, taking in $6.5 billion.

The only category in the red was spot TV, with ad expenditures ($16.4 billion) down 5.4%.

Television broadcasters are expecting a robust 2004 thanks to political ad spending in the hotly contested presidential race and the Summer Olympics in Athens, which is being carried by NBC.

On the advertising side, Procter & Gamble shelled out the most in 2003, spending $2.6 billion on advertising -- a 24.7% increase from 2002.

Other top spenders included General Motors ($2.4 billion) and Daimler Chrysler ($1.6 billion).

Media congloms Time Warner and Disney remained on the list of top 10 advertisers, shelling out big bucks to advertise their films.

Time Warner spent a total of $1.9 billion in media buys last year, up 2.5% from 2002.

The Mouse House stepped up its ad spending by a healthy 17.8%, spending $1.4 billion.

Posted on aef.com: March 15, 2004


Pamela McClintock, Variety. March 9, 2004

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