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AEF Remembers Jock Elliott

  Jock Elliott

A Letter to Shelly Lazarus
Chairman and CEO, Ogilvy

Dear Shelly,

The Advertising Educational Foundation takes great pride in having had the privilege of knowing and working with Jock Elliott. Jock was one of the founders of the AEF. He was a dedicated and active member of the AEF Board from the outset in 1983 until he resigned in 1999. In his letter of resignation, he said, "The AEF is a remarkable organization providing a truly worthwhile service - - to advertising, academia, business in general, and the public. I am really proud to have been associated with it." Indeed, we were pleased to have him.

Jock was an AEF fundraiser extra-ordinaire, convincing Katherine Graham, CEO of The Washington Post Company, and other CEOs to support this small nonprofit organization dedicated to building a better understanding of the social, historical, cultural and economic role of advertising by enhancing the advertising discourse on college campuses and within the industry. It was Jock who urged me to meet with you to enlist your support and participation. And happily for AEF, you sparked to our mission and joined our Speakers' Program on college campuses. You were dedicated and up to the task, oftentimes, leaving at dawn and traveling by plane in bad weather to do a program at not-so-easy- to-get-to places like Cornell University in a snow storm. Then you, too, joined the AEF Board.

Jock Chaired AEF's Visiting Professor Program for five years. Each year, he poured over each and every application - - sometimes as many as 65 applications with a minimum 25 pages - - making notations on each and every one. He was thorough. At our VPP Selection Committee Meetings, he reflected upon each professor's background and reason for participating. He often questioned why some professors applied in the first place! That was the specialness of Jock. In addition, he was always available to lend his wisdom and his guidance to me whenever asked.

In 2003, the AEF presented Jock with its Honors Night Lifetime Achievement Award for his dedication to the industry and his support of the AEF. That was most appropriate...and it was timely. Unfortunately, he had injured his back and could not attend to accept the award; however, his wonderful partner, Elly, did a fine job accepting in his stead. We have been delighted that the Elliotts have joined us for Honors Night these past three years.

The AEF will miss Jock. I will miss him, too.


Paula Alex
Chief Executive Officer
Advertising Educational Foundation


Paula Alex, AEF

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