Folder Contents for 2014

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1401 (The 'Charm of 3' Approach to Marketing) 5.09 K
1402 (Behind the Preplanned Oscar Selfie: Samsung's Ad Strategy) 5.03 K
1403 (Report Slams Marlboro for Marketing to Teens Globally) 5.61 K
1404 (Ad Campaigns Are Finally Reflecting Diversity of U.S.) 9.55 K
1405 (Whatever Happened to the Ad War on Drugs?) 10.44 K
1406 (Lawmakers Pressure the FDA to Regulate E-Cigs With New Report) 2.88 K
1407 (Turketarian’ or ‘Meatatarian’? It’s All in the ‘Framily’) 6.21 K
1408 (Making Hard Choices for Native's Survival) 7.30 K
1409 (Smokey Bear, Nearly 70, Gets a Millennial Makeover) 6.38 K
1410 (Millennials Use Ads to Fight Hunger) 3.18 K
1411 (Marketing to Millennials: How to Capture Gen Y Consumers) 5.46 K
1412 (Selling With Nostalgia, Post-Boomer) 5.53 K
1413 (Marketers' New Tactics in the Food Label Wars) 11.00 K
1414 (Agencies Increase Focus on Cause Marketing) 3.91 K
1415 (Mobile-Ad Spending Leaps, but Trails User Growth) 5.01 K
1416 (Marketers Join Forces To Fight Ad Fraud) 9.42 K
1417 (Comfort of Longtime Brands Inspires Campaigns) 5.81 K
1418 (What The Leaders Who Get It Right Know About Marketing To Women) 8.77 K
1419 (Having a Better Brand Is Better Than Having a Better Product) 6.31 K
1420 (Female Empowerment in Ads: Soft Feminism or Soft Soap?) 12.81 K
1421 (Coca-Cola China Looks to Crowdsourcing Platform for Extra Creative Fizz) 3.05 K
1422 (FTC’s Charges Against Deutsch LA Seen as a Twitter Wake Up Call for Industry) 4.72 K