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Why Nostalgia Marketing Works So Well With Millennials, And How Your Brand Can Benefit (08/05/16)
Aligning marketing strategies with emotion has already proven to be successful, but tapping into fond memories can be an invaluable tactic, especially for engaging millennials.

How Brands Became the Most Powerful Advocates in Today's Battle for LGBT Equality (06/06/16)
Brands are leading the charge for change, but will states concede?

For Women in Advertising, It’s Still a ‘Mad Men’ World (05/04/16)
Gender bias, while often unspoken or acknowledged, continues to affect how women are treated at work, whom they interact with and what positions they hold.

5 Ways Historically Male Brands Are Now Reaching Out to Women (04/28/16)
Most brands will tell you that they've always spoken to women but are now working to make their ads more inclusive as the brands have modernized.

Why the Picture of Diversity on Madison Avenue Is So Murky (03/23/16)
Companies’ varying reporting methods make it tough to discern the racial and gender makeup of the ad industry.

Marketers Let Emojis Do the Talking (03/09/16)
Brand emojis reach ad-averse millennials, sailing past ad-blocking software.

Are FTC native ad guidelines the first step toward regulation? (03/07/16)
The majority of consumers can’t tell the difference between native ads and editorial content.

Rush of Women's Sites Gives Marketers a Wealth of Choices (02/25/16)
The surge in niche digital properties means more options for marketers, especially as publishers go after specific demographic slices such as millennial mothers.

Adidas is working to fix a huge mistake it's been making for decades (02/23/16)
Adidas has taken several steps to improve its offerings to women, which have traditionally been limited.

The latest shift in teen spending is killing brands like Tiffany (01/27/16)
Young people would prefer to spend their money on experiences or technology.

Marketers Don't Understand Modern Moms, Saatchi Survey Says (01/11/16)
Ads need to get real and lighten up.

How 'Crash the Super Bowl' Changed Advertising (01/07/16)
Crash -- which is in its tenth and final year -- is widely seen as a groundbreaking program that put crowdsourced ads on the map.

How Typecasting Millennials Is Hurting Ad Buyers (01/04/16)
It's no longer about buying audiences, but about individual users.