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Original Contributions on the Creative Process in Advertising

The creative process in advertising is the focus of this issue. In it, three scholars interview three advertising practitioners about the origins of creative ideas and their ultimate realization in the advertisements that the public sees. Each interview is a probing assessment of what are some of the most interesting ideas to those who look from the outside onto the world of advertising where do the ideas come from, and how do they become print advertisements and TV commercials?

Considerable attention has been given recently to the respective roles of author and reader in the interpretation of texts. Some scholars have even gone so far as to argue that the real authors are those of us who interpret texts whether those texts are works of literature, popular songs, television commercials, or advertising slogans. Wherever we stand theoretically on this issue, the candid statements and assessments of those who create texts are nonetheless interesting.

This issue makes available the kind of information that is usually missing in scholarship about advertising texts. Many scholars assume that "nothing is in an ad without a reason." But few have inquired into those reasons, especially reasons that exists in the minds of the creative artists who actually dream up and produce advertisements.

William M. O'Barr