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Participant Feedback from 2015-2016 Programs

Carmen Bryant at Montclair University
Carmen Bryant, Indeed.com at Montclair State University

Professor comments

“Thanks for introducing Jeff to us! He was an awesome and inspiring speaker in my classes today and everyone appreciated it so much. Many shared the view that he is a great speaker (some said that he should be a professor and teach them), the presentation format of mixing the documentary, various case studies, and his masterful delivery (coupled with his down-to-earth approach) was very effective, and the proposed “empowerment” model was eye-opening. Many also noted that his presentation was one of the best guest lectures they have attended at Cornell.”
Professor Helen Chun, Cornell University
Speaker: Jeff Rosenblum, Questus

Martyn Clarkson at Rutgers
Martyn Clarkson, Momentum at Rutgers Univ.

“I wanted to thank you for all your help and also tell you directly that Darby was amazing. Best speaker I’ve had. Everything was perfect. The presentation was a great mix of the basics and advanced concepts, of content and application, and of lecture and discussion. He’s not just a great speaker, he’s a really great person. Thanks for sending him my way. I'm very grateful.”
Professor Bryan Greenberg, Elizabethtown College
Speaker: Darby Hughes, Quench/Pavone

“After class, my students couldn’t stop talking about how much they enjoyed the presentation and how much they learned.  They proclaimed the two speakers “relatable” and they especially appreciated the approach the speakers took, as they felt it really appealed to the current generation.  I learned a lot as well.  I was unaware of some of the newest technology they industry is using and I was fascinated to learn about ways technology can be used to create low-cost, but highly effective ads.
It was so helpful to me to have someone with your knowledge about the advertising industry contact advertising professionals to talk to my class.  I simply didn’t have the contacts to make it happen, so I am very appreciative of your willingness to help out in this way.“
Kim Loudermilk, Director, Program in American Studies, Emory University
Speaker: Jen Copeland, BBDO

Student comments

“It gave me hope that there are professionals out there that know how to work ethically in the advertising industry. The presenters from Hornall Anderson depicted a work ethic, company mantra, and projects that reflected a genuine and positive approach to creating branding.”
Student at Western Washington University
Speakers: Jesse Baker and Kimberly Kern, Hornall Anderson

“I never even considered this advertising renaissance- I thought advertising was dying but this gave me new insight that got me excited. The presentation was one of the best classes I’ve been to all semester.”
Student at Cornell University
Speaker: Jeff Rosenblum, Questus

Louis Maldonado at NYU
Louis Maldonado, d expósito & Partners at New York University

“I liked how Len talked about what position he was when he was our age. That he wasn't sure what exactly he wanted to do. Len graduated with an Anthropology degree and didn't take a marketing class but he stuck with something that he liked and became successful.”
Student at Baruch College
Speaker: Len Appel, Corbis

“I like that Tarik provided a hard look at the state of digital marketing and exposed its shortcomings while explaining its future possibilities.”
“People my age tend to be skeptical towards advertising and it was very refreshing to hear a marketing professional discuss how some of their practices don't work and that some marketing schemes are on their way out. Understanding the conditions of the industry and the challenges it faces really piqued my interest.”
“I loved the presentation. I thought he it was very insightful and Tarik was very honest about his opinions. In school it seems like concepts and tactics are presented with sunshine and rainbows. Tarik gave us the positives and negatives of every single concept he presented. I appreciated that.”
Students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Speaker: Tarik Sedky, Pure

Speaker comments

Peter Barber at DePaul University
Peter Barber, Lipman Hearne at DePaul Univ.

“A really engaged class with great questions. I'm there to be a resource to the teacher and offer real-world examples to illustrate what they cover; happy to help and support any way that I can. I just think that students are eager for tangible, accessible examples to connect the industry to their everyday lives and, of course, to figure out how to enter the field (jobs!).”
Speaker Len Appel, Corbis
Baruch College visit

“I think what AEF does is not only an amazing way to expose students to the industry and the role of advertising in society- it also provides a great avenue for young professionals like me to reflect on the work that we do, and take stock of everything we’ve learned over the years, and continue to learn even when we aren’t in school. I left the talk feeling re-inspired. This is an incredible program and I hope it continues and thrives for years to come, thanks again for the great opportunity. “
Speaker Ace Wang, Arnold
Brandeis University visit




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