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Participant Feedback from 2014-2015 Programs

Kristen Izurieta at Baruch College
Standing room only at Baruch College for Kristen Izurieta, Grey

Professor comments

“Well you guys have hit it out of the park again! Gail Felcher and Dorothy Delany from Arnold Global visited us today and it really went well.  The students were completely captivated and the ladies touched on everything we could have possibly expected.  They were exceptional.  Having one of our own alums (Gail Felcher) come to visit really helped our students identify.  The visitors were informative, professional and personable, and are more than welcome to come back any time.”
Professor Jerry Katrichis, University of Hartford
Speakers: Gail Felcher and Dorothy Delany, Arnold

Lindenwood Univ
Patrick Longo, Pro Motion, at Lindenwood Univ.

“He was better than EXCELLENT! Speaking on social media, he had fantastic slides with examples of the most current, up-to-date information on the topic. He immediately connected with the students in the class and was more than willing to answer all their questions as well as give them expert advice on the topic.
I could not have selected a more perfect fit for the class and definitely could not have found a more qualified person with regard to the social media topic as John was. His examples related to the class content and also the concentrations of the students.
Thanks again for your assistance in this endeavor. We would love to have John back to the College next semester!”
Professor Fay Gibson, North Carolina State University
Speaker: John Andrews, Ignite Social Media

“It was a great addition to what I'm teaching, and my students greeted his talk with lots of enthusiasm and definitely benefited from it.  As I mentioned to Martyn, one student who I walked out with after class, talked about her increased desire to get a job at an agency or marketer working with strategy, as Martyn does.  
I'll tell you that he was totally involved with my class, ultra-prepared, and gave us lots of insights that, like I said, really enhanced our class.  He was totally open to my students presenting some work that I assigned that was tied in to his visit.  He was just a total joy to work with.  His topic was about the use of story and archetypes as used in commercials.  
Your program of sending visiting ad pros is really worthwhile, and I'd sign up again in a second.
Thanks so much for making it all happen. “
Professor Erik Mintz, Yeshiva University
Speaker: Martyn Clarkson, Momentum Worldwide

Student comments

“I loved the way Christine conducted the presentation, took questions and stuck to the core ideas advertising is based on. I want to follow a career in advertising and the presentation has strengthened my beliefs and has improved my insights. AEF is paving the way in providing such stellar presentations as they create and motivate underlying interest in creative content.”
Students: Brandeis University
Speaker: Christine Leonard, Arnold Worldwide

Neil Ornsdorff
Neil Onsdorff, BBDO at NJIT

“It reminded me that advertising can still be so thought inspiring, so touching, so beautiful. It’s really fun to look at advertisements in such an idealistic way. This inspires and encourages young men and women to join the industry and make more possible!”
Students: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Speaker: Leslie Kendrigan Meredith, Leo Burnett

“She presented different viewpoints and possibilities, showing us there are diverse people with different backgrounds and personalities who can be great leaders.   She left us with the message to truly believe in ourselves and our value. “
Students: DePaul University
Speaker: McGhee Williams Osse, Burrell

“I thought it was very thorough - kept it relevant, interesting and understandable. It’s a whole career- it takes a lot of work and effort to create these ads. It is a tough industry that deserves praise.”
Students: Franklin and Marshall College
Speaker: Mark Truss, JWT

 “I appreciated Jinal’s candid comments and her approach to being a woman in the business that varies from Bryn Mawr’s views of feminism. It was refreshing to hear that she wanted to be viewed as an expert in her field, not just a woman of color who can be a role model, even though she is both. She seems like a great mentor who would push any young person to realize their full potential and not allow themselves too many excuses. I think Bryn Mawr would benefit from having more women like Jinal come and speak who may have different, nuanced opinions on feminism and career building.”
Students: Bryn Mawr College
Speaker: Jinal Shah, JWT

Speaker comments

“The BYU crew was great ...top to bottom. The faculty and students were attentive, engaged (asked GREAT questions) and we covered a number of  student generated "topics". No PowerPoint  - it was all "white board" which really seemed to draw the students in as well keep their attention (the lights were up all the time).   And of course they "sparked" to the reel. A very enjoyable and rewarding day ....thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand walls of previous knowledge.”
Speaker: Greg Taucher, DDB
Brigham Young University

“Professor Engeln was very gracious and appreciative, as was the class. The students were inquisitive and interactive. (I would expect nothing less of Northwestern!) It was gratifying for me to sense their enthusiasm and seemingly to add some new dimension to their studies. Being back on campus after so long was incredible! I felt blessed to be able to go to school there!”
Speaker: Jeffrey Hirsch, The Right Brain Studio
Northwestern University




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