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Participant Feedback from 2013-2014 Programs

AEF Speakers Program
Tyler Helms, Deutsch at New York University

Professor comments

“Claudia and Lauren did a terrific job.  The information they presented was relevant to the course, and provided a good overview of the job of a media planner, which was exactly where we are in the course at present.  They provided excellent examples of campaigns they'd been involved with, but more importantly they tied the examples with broader advertising goals and objectives. I am impressed and they have an open invitation to present to my classes any time”
University of Dayton. Speakers: Claudia Dattilo & Lauren Plevniak (Fahlgren Mortine)

“Tyler Helms was one of the best speakers I’ve ever had speak to my class and that’s over my 45 year career!!”
New York University. Speaker: Tyler Helms (Deutsch)

“It was great to have an advertising industry perspective conveyed to undergraduate students in business - while many of the students in the audience were likely to concentrate their studies/careers in areas other than marketing/advertising, the interest level among the students seemed high and some of them actually engaged Wendy and Maggie after their presentation concluded.  Overall, I think the AEF program is great and I am very grateful to your organization and to Wendy and Maggie for taking the time to arrange it.”
George Washington University. Speakers: Wendy Hagen (Hagen Inc.) & Maggie Bergin (Sensis)

“Brian was great. Very engaging – and the students loved it. Gave some good career advice by sharing his career path with the students. Demonstrated a really intriguing crisis case that he was involved with at Whirlpool. And showed some great work from Golin that also connected nicely to some conceptual topics we cover in class (strategy development, etc.). Exceeded expectations!”
University of Notre Dame. Speaker: Brian Snyder (Golin)

AEF Speakers Program
Leslie Meredith, Leo Burnett at Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

“Pete and his presentation were terrific.  It was refreshing for the students and me to hear his story and how his success in the ad biz wasn't predicated on sterling grades in school.  I thought his rapport with the students was great, and he couldn't have been more helpful in his answers to their questions.  His on screen show was also very entertaining and really relevant to the students anticipating job searches.
It was a great night and very informational.  Thanks so much to you and AEF, and of course Pete for making it all happen.”
Yeshiva University. Speaker: Pete Jones (McCann)

“She was an amazing woman, her personality was as valuable an addition to this presentation as her content. Her energy and enthusiasm for her work was as valuable to experience as her agency insight.  I know that the students took a lot away from meeting her and learning about her very interesting career path.”
Career Director at Occidental College. Speaker: Rochelle Newman-Carrasco (Walton Isaacson)

Student comments

“On behalf of the Xavier AMA chapter, I thank you two again for taking the time to speak with our students. Personally I was able to take a lot away from what you shared about your experiences. Other students have reached out too to say how much they enjoyed your visit. It is always reassuring for us, as we struggle with our next life steps, to hear from people who have been successful and enjoy what they do.”
Xavier University, Louisiana. Speakers: Daniela Bain & Kimberly Cadena (Peter Mayer Agency)

“I liked the honesty, I liked learning that one’s good nature and charm are important in marketing since it’s all about relationships. There’s no curtain between seasoned professionals and regular folk; we’re all just people who enjoy a casual, relation-based atmosphere. She made it seem more fun and enjoyable and less of a strange world that I know nothing of. I learned a lot about business culture, business communication and managing relationships- and that it’s all really simple- be you, be good, be enthusiastic, offer help.”
University of Hartford. Speaker: Catherine East (DDB)

“I’ve always been cynical and hesitant about the integrity of advertising, but this brought a very positive feel to the marketing and advertising world.  Very insightful as to how to get started in the business/marketing world. I feel much more confident and less stressed about where to go after college.”
Skidmore College. Speaker: Dave Bulger (Tuzag)

AEF Speakers Program
Wieden + Kennedy Agency visit

“We met with one of the century’s greatest ad minds.  While I was interested to begin with, this made a huge difference.  Just incredible. I’ve never been so close to a giant of industry. He was so wonderful and provided so much information.”
George Washington University. Wieden + Kennedy Agency Visit

“I really liked the answers to the questions on the use of stereotypes and the specific examples of ads not translating. Seeing the ways in which ads try to be culturally sensitive while still attempting to make money made me have a better attitude towards it.”
Macalester College. Speaker: Sandra Gengler (Triple Ink)

Speaker comments

“I had a great experience at the University of Hartford.  Once again, they were fabulous hosts!  The people are interested, engaging, warm and welcoming, the professors and students seem prepared so we have some great conversations, I feel like our time together is valuable and fun.”
Speaker: Catherine East (DDB). University of Hartford

“It was wonderful to have the opportunity to speak with Professor Close's class, a great experience all around. The whole process was smooth, organized and enjoyable – it gave me a glimpse into university life and allowed me to reflect on what I had to share with students as they consider the field of advertising.

AEF Speakers Program
Libby Anderson at Univ. of Texas, Austin

In addition, I've been quite curious about life in academia and was psyched to get the chance to try it on for the afternoon, so to speak. Angeline offered great insight and perspective into the department, her students and a behind the scenes look at university life. I would love to do something like this again and thrilled that the students were able to take something from it.”
Speaker: Libby Anderson (McGarrah Jessee). University of Texas at Austin

“This is an excellent and innovative program. It was exciting to see so many bright young minds interested in branding and marketing.”
Speaker: Clay Langdon (McGarrah Jessee). Vanderbilt University

“The professor and students at Notre Dame were very excited about the intersection of PR and social media with advertising and other marketing disciples. The students were engaged and excited to discuss, with lots of great questions.”
Speaker: Brian Snyder (Golin). University of Notre Dame




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