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Participant Feedback from 2011-2012 Programs

Inside Advertising Speakers Program
Dana Bonkowski, Tapestry at Ohio University

Professor comments

“Working with Paul was great.  We were able to tailor the talk of his ads in relation to a reading.  He was very open and personable with the students.  I think his discussion connected well with the course and the students learned something they couldn’t have gotten from me or the readings.  I would do it again next year given a strong and relevant speaker like Paul.  Thanks a lot!” – Williams College.  Speaker: Paul Charney, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

“Thanks for all your help planning this visit – we love John’s presentations.  Very engaging and educational, charismatic and informative.” – Pennsylvania State University.  Speaker: John Andrews, Collective Bias

“The AEF has been a great supporter of advertising education and I am grateful, especially because our university concentrates on design and not as much on the business of design.  I try in my classroom to give students those aspects of their career choices.” – Parsons The New School for Design.  Speaker: Kandace Hudspeth, McCann Erickson

Thai Randolph

Thai Randolph, VML at Georgetown University

“Jennifer’s visit was terrific!  I have heard lots of positive feedback from all my students.  She really went out of her way to incorporate discussion of how she uses her consumer research in developing ad campaigns and used examples of campaigns for products and brands that were highly relevant to the students.  I would highly recommend her as a speaker in the future. I really appreciate all your work facilitating this visit.  I would love to use AEF speakers again in my classes in the future.” – University of California, Riverside.  Speaker: Jennifer Patterson, Deutsch

“This was a terrific group to work with, and I hope they continue to be involved with the AEF.  They were successful at raising our students’ awareness of diversity issues in advertising.” – Illinois Wesleyan University.  Speakers: Lewis Williams, Brenda Intengan, and Terrance Burrell, Burrell Communications

Student comments

“I am an art major and Mark showed what he learned from the art courses he had and how it has been useful for his job.  This assures me that pursuing art and business together is a reasonable decision.” – Skidmore College.  Speaker: Mark Fina, Grey Advertising

“Great real-world examples to drive home course topics.  Made a topic I initially wouldn’t be interested in engaging and fun.  Fantastic!” – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.  Speaker: Rose Cameron, Euro RSCG

“Having a better understanding of just what you actually do in an ad agency and the different department roles made me feel more confident about how I could contribute to one and where my most passionate interests would fit in the overall scheme of advertising.” – Princeton University.  Speaker: Peter DeNunzio, Aimia

“I specifically enjoyed the multicultural focus in the presentation and discussion of how advertising affects/reads with different cultures in different ways.  This presentation will make me approach the thought process of creating ads in a different way, taking into account multicultural differences.  Great insight!” – University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.  Speaker: Angela Rodriguez, Alma

Robert McNeil Morehouse College
Robert McNeil, Images USA at Morehouse College

“Raidt’s visit was very educational and impressive.  I really enjoyed getting more of a first-hand experience in learning about advertising.” – University of Notre Dame.  Speaker: Bob Raidt, Leo Burnett

“I really wanted to learn more about putting together and framing marketing pitches.  This presentation achieved that on point.  I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the framework for creating a good marketing pitch.  Please come to campus more often.  Too bad I didn’t see this until my senior year…” – Georgetown University.  Speaker: Matt Williams, The Martin Agency

“His discussion was very practical and he gave clear examples to illustrate his points.  This was the best class of the year!” – Washington University, St. Louis.  Speaker: Bill Imada, IW Group

Speaker comments

“In the first session we discussed life in an agency, challenges, what a day is like, how to get hired, if women face particular challenges, et cetera. The second class wanted to dig deeper into how advertising influences culture and the responsibilities we face to society in representing people respectfully.  They were very interested in discriminatory issues, as well as how to uncover real consumer insights.  I found their questions to be smart and provocative.  I loved it.   It taught me a lot because they asked about things I haven’t thought about in years.  It was a healthy experience for me.  I would love to keep doing it.  Good for the mind.”  – Speaker: Rowena Alston, Hill Holliday.  School visited: Wellesley College

“What an amazing opportunity to students soon to be entering the industry.  The interest and levels of engagement were high with such a strong curiosity about social media.”  - Speaker:  Hillary Traylor, JWT Atlanta.  School Visited: University of Georgia






Inside Advertising

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