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2011 Participants

The VPP is a two-week fellowship for professors of advertising, marketing, communications and the liberal arts that exposes professors to the day-to-day operations of an advertising agency, a marketing or media company. Professors return to the classroom and teach their subject with more authority.  

Components of the program are an orientation followed by an eight-day internship.  During the internship, professors are asked to give a Lunchtime Lecture on his/her area of expertise and how it relates to advertising.  

Thanks to the generosity of the companies listed below, 12 professors were hosted by ad agencies in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles during June 2011.  In addition, six senior-level Career Services administrators participated in the orientations.

New York City Participants  
New York VPP Participants
From l to r: P. Alex (AEF), P. Frddeman, M. Savoca, A. Raider, J. Spector (AEF), J. Thomas, K. Cleary, D. Bartels, B. Lorig, M. Morrin, A. Peruta, R. Meyer, G. Kinchlow, J. Macias (AEF)


Chicago Participants    
Ryan Hamilton
Dave Martinez
Sela Sar
David Shulman
R. Hamilton D. Martinez S. Sar D. Shulman
Career Services Administrators    
Kirsten Cahoon
Kirsten Nicholas
K. Cahoon K. Nicholas    


Los Angeles Participant
Katy Pinto
K. Pinto



“I had a really great experience. I have a much better idea of how an agency works and how it interacts with clients. As a marketing professor, this knowledge will be invaluable to me in teaching and research. I also gathered lots of great examples that I can share with my students to illustrate specific points in class.”
-- Professor Ryan Hamilton

 “All who met Jane found her engaging, interesting and friendly and wanted to spend time with her. They not only provided her with information that she felt was useful, but learned from her—which made the experience beneficial for both parties.  DDB would like to continue to keep in touch with Jane and, in fact, may send a couple people from the agency to talk to her students.”
-- Deborah Broda, DDB

“The visits to Ogilvy and R/GA were fabulous.  It was helpful from the Career Services perspective to be with faculty as we hear the questions they ask about the industry.  We were able to share our insights from working with students who are exploring the field of advertising.
Before the visit, my impression of the industry was somewhat in the category such as fashion: Showy, creative, unstructured, frivolous, and perhaps unaccountable.  This changed dramatically with the in-depth sessions at Ogilvy and R/GA.  This is a serious business… The spectrum of faces, attire, backgrounds, expertise, and décor was equally as informative.”
-- Beverly Lorig, Career Services


2011 Program Participants

Professor School Department Host
New York City      
Daniel Bartels Columbia Univ. Marketing Young & Rubicam
Paul Freedman Yale Univ. History Ogilvy
Gina Kinchlow Florida A&M Univ. Journalism Deutsch
Maureen Morrin Rutgers Univ., Camden Marketing McCann Worldwide
Adam Peruta Ithaca College Strategic Comm. R/GA
Alfred Raider Univ. of Maryland Mgmt., Acct'g, Finance Draftfcb
Jane Thomas Winthrop Univ. Marketing DDB
Ryan Hamilton Emory Univ. Marketing Energy BBDO
Dave Martinez Univ. of TX, Pan American Art Draftfcb
Sela Sar Iowa State Univ. Journalism & Comm. Euro RSCG
David Shulman Lafayette College Anthropology & Soc. Leo Burnett
Los Angeles      
Katy Pinto Cal. State Univ., Dominguez Hills Sociology Ogilvy
Career Services Administrators    
New York City      
Kelly Cleary Univ. of Pennsylvania    
Beverly Lorig Washington & Lee Univ.    
Robin Meyer Williams College    
Marianna Savoca Stony Brook Univ.    
Kirsten Cahoon St. Olaf College    
Kirsten Nicholas Duke Univ.    


Check back in November for details and application for 2012 Visiting Professor Program.


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