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 “I felt very welcomed by my host agency from the beginning of the process through the end. They made sure I was scheduled to participate in a variety of meetings and activities and truly valued my opinion and input. After spending time at Deutsch, I realized that the industry has to be more holistic and business solution oriented.  Before my time at the agency, I thought it was all about creativity, but I realize now it is more about strategy, planning and storytelling.   Everything I learned will enhance my lesson plans and class assignments.  I can emulate the workflow and creative process in my class. I can teach industry lexicon and the current industry standards. All of this will only make my students more competitive applicants and better prepared for the workforce.”
Professor Allie-Ryan Butler, Hampton University

 “Allie-Ryan was a great fit.  He’s early in his career, energetic, passionate, curious and came to every meeting prepared with questions for the leader he was going to meet.  Frankly, we would hire him, that’s how perfectly suited to Deutsch he was!
He participated in internal meetings and client meetings.  He was encouraged to participate and he did.  He always had something to share and was not afraid to express his point of view.  Our folks understand the importance of the VPP. 
Allie-Ryan did have the chance to meet everybody as well as some recent college grads we had just hired.  We thought it important for him to see the kind of entry-level people we recruit so that he would be better able to send us his best and brightest students for summer internships as well as full time positions.
Robin Lander, Director of Human Resources

The Advertising Educational Foundation invites you to apply to the
Visiting Professor Program (VPP)

Application Deadline
February 13, 2015

The VPP is a two-week fellowship for professors of advertising, marketing, communications and the liberal arts. In 2014, 15 professors were hosted by advertising agencies in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City. Whether a professor is placed with an agency, a marketing or media company depends upon his/her area of expertise. The number of placements in the VPP depends upon the number of companies willing to host a professor. Preference is given to professors with little or no industry experience and to those who have not already participated in the program.  Professors who are placed should know that programs will differ – no two programs will be alike.  Note: The VPP is currently only offered to professors teaching in the United States.

To expose professors to the day-to-day operations of an advertising agency, marketing or media company and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between academia and industry. The VPP gives professors a greater understanding of and appreciation for the industry while host companies have an opportunity to develop closer ties to academia.

An orientation is followed by individual fellowships. While at the host company, each professor offers a Lunchtime Talk on his/her area of expertise and how it relates to advertising. Note: With the professor’s permission, the talk may be videotaped for streaming on www.aef.com.

2015 VPP:  June 1 -12
Professors chosen by the VPP Selection Committee will be placed with host companies in Chicago, New York City and other major cities. Apply only if your academic and personal responsibilities allow you to participate for the full two weeks.   

Notification:  April 2015
Those selected to participate in the program must have a conversation with the host company to discuss mutual objectives prior to the program.  

Housing and Expenses
Housing is provided to professors who are traveling from another state.  Professors who reside in the host city (Chicago, Los Angeles, NYC, etc.) are expected to provide his/her own housing. All professors will receive a per diem. Professors pay for travel to and from the host city, as well as out-of-pocket expenses.

Visit the On Campus section on www.aef.com to apply and submit your CV and statement. Letter of recommendation (on school letterhead) must be mailed and postmarked by February 13, 2015. Letter of recommendation is not accepted via fax or email.

Contact:  Sharon Hudson, Vice President, Program Manager, at sh@aef.com or (212) 986-8060.


Career Services Administrators
For the fifth consecutive year, Career Directors have also participated in the two-day orientation. Participation in this orientation will help those who counsel and advise students by providing an inside look at how agencies operate as well as give perspective on the right profile for entry-level jobs.   Being onsite at each agency will allow you to make valuable contacts that can be used to guide your students. The two day orientation is part of the 2015 Visiting Professor Program and consists of on-site visits to top advertising agencies in New York City and Chicago.  Agency hosts for past orientations are JWT, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, R/GA and Young & Rubicam.  This year the AEF will offer this opportunity to eight senior Career Directors. 


  • Available for the full two days of Orientation: June 1st and 2nd (plan to arrive Sunday evening, May 31st)
  • Senior level career services staff member
  • Sign and notarize the AEF confidentiality agreement
  • Complete the AEF evaluation form after the Orientation

Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the Career Directors.   NYC hotel cost: approximately $300/night.  The AEF will reserve rooms for the nights of Sunday, May 31st through Tuesday, June 2nd.  The Career Director will reimburse the AEF afterward.  Chicago participants will arrange their own accommodations.

Please forward a CV/resume and a personal statement (no longer than one page) explaining why you are interested in participating in this program and how it will benefit your students and you.  Due: April 1st, 2015. 



Sharon Hudson, AEF

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