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Being selected to take part in the AEF Visiting Professor Program is undoubtedly one of the best opportunities I’ve been granted in my career as a marketing professor. I was fortunate to be placed at DDB New York… I think I was expecting a “job shadow” like experience in which I may sit in on meetings or observe the agency world in action. My VPP experience was much more rooted in one-on-one conversations with agency employees across various departments. Therefore, I was happy to have the two-day orientation in order to help generate and refine interesting and meaningful questions to ask during each conversation. The orientation provided a foundational knowledge and provided a point of comparison across agencies.” Professor Jenna Drenten of Loyola University

After speaking with Jenna on the phone, her interests were clear. In order to make her learning experience a positive one, I tailored an agenda to have her meet with people who were experts in her interest areas. For her consumer insights and research interests, she met with our head of strategic planning. For her interest in social media, she met with a few people who work in the digital/social group. To understand why DDB is different from other agencies, she met with Keith Reinhard and Chris Brown. Jenna gave an interesting and engaging presentation for her Lunchtime Talk on research she did with young adolescent girls and their social behavior. A lively discussion is always the sign of a great presentation! ” Deborah Broda, Account Director of DDB


The Advertising Educational Foundation invites you to apply to the
Visiting Professor Program (VPP)

Application Deadline
Extended to February 12, 2016

The VPP is a two-week fellowship for professors of advertising, marketing, communications and the liberal arts. In 2015, 13 professors were hosted by advertising agencies in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and New York City. Whether a professor is placed with an agency, a marketing or media company depends upon his/her area of expertise. The number of placements in the VPP depends upon the number of companies willing to host a professor. Preference is given to professors with little or no industry experience and to those who have not already participated in the program. Professors who are placed should know that programs will differ – no two programs will be alike. Note: The VPP is currently only offered to professors teaching in the United States.

To expose professors to the day-to-day operations of an advertising agency, marketing or media company; and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between academia and industry. The VPP gives professors a greater understanding of and appreciation for the industry while host companies have an opportunity to develop closer ties to academia.

1) An orientation 2) Individual fellowships and 3) a Lunchtime Talk on his/her area of expertise and how it relates to advertising. Talks will be 20 minutes maximum in length, should include advertising and be concise. Note: With the professor’s permission, the Talk may be videotaped for streaming on www.aef.com.

2016 VPP: June 6 -17
Professors are chosen by the VPP Selection Committee will be placed with host companies in Chicago, New York City and other major cities. Apply only if your academic and personal responsibilities allow you to participate for the full two weeks.

Notification: April 2016
Those selected to participate in the program must have a conversation with the host company to discuss mutual objectives prior to the program.

Housing and Expenses
Housing is provided to professors who are traveling from another state. Professors who reside in the host city are expected to provide his/her own housing. All professors will receive a stipend. Professors pay for travel to and from the host city, as well as out-of-pocket expenses.

Visit the On-Campus section on www.aef.com to apply. Complete the VPP application; upload your CV, statement and two-minute video (see details below).

Statement and supporting items
Your statement will help a potential company determine your fit within their organization. Please be concise when making your points and limit your statement to 500 words maximum. It is very important to succinctly communicate the topic of your 20-minute Lunchtime Talk (not including Q&A).  Letter of recommendation from Department Chair (on school letterhead) must be mailed and postmarked by February 12, 2016. Letter of recommendation is not accepted via fax or email.

Two-minute video
Your two-minute video will also help a potential company determine your fit within their organization. Videos shot with a cell phone or a computer’s webcam are acceptable. If using a camera or phone, please hold horizontally. We are not looking for sleek, professional videos. Videos must cover one of the following topics below:

      • Most interesting teaching moment or research finding in your career
      • Most interesting/surprising/impressive example of advertising/marketing that has caught your eye in the past year or two, and why
      • Discuss something about you that is not on your application
      • What is your passion?
      • Most striking thing you have noticed about student culture today on your campus, especially as it contrasts with student culture from your own days as an undergrad
      • A teaser about your Lunchtime Talk/research

Final notes

  • Check your calendars before submitting an application as you are expected to be available for two weeks.
  • VPP is only offered to professors teaching in the United States.
  • Preference is given to professors with little or no industry experience and those who have not participated in the past.
  • Please do not apply if you have applied more than three times.


Contact: Sharon Hudson, Vice President, Program Manager, at sh@aef.com or (212) 986-8060.

Career Services Administrators

For the sixth consecutive year, Career Directors have also participated in the two-day orientation. Participation in this orientation will help those who counsel and advise students by providing an inside look at how agencies operate as well as give perspective on the right profile for entry-level jobs. Being onsite at each agency will allow you to make valuable contacts that can be used to guide your students. The two-day orientation is part of the 2016 Visiting Professor Program and consists of on-site visits to top advertising agencies in New York City and Chicago. Agency hosts for past orientations were JWT, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy, R/GA and Young & Rubicam. This year the AEF will offer this opportunity to eight senior Career Directors.


  • Available for the full two days of Orientation: June 6th and 7th (plan to arrive Sunday evening, June 5th)
  • Senior level career services staff member
  • Sign and notarize the AEF confidentiality agreement
  • Complete the AEF evaluation form after the Orientation

Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the Career Directors. NYC hotel cost: approximately $300/night. The AEF will reserve rooms for the nights of Sunday, June 5th through Tuesday, June 7th. The Career Director will reimburse the AEF afterward. Chicago participants will arrange their own accommodations.

Please forward a CV/resume and a personal statement (no longer than one page) explaining why you are interested in participating in this program and how it will benefit your students and you. Due: April 1, 2016.



Sharon Hudson, AEF

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