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VPP Lunchtime Talks

In an effort to give something back to the host company, each professor offers a "Lunchtime Talk" on his/her area of expertise and how it relates to advertising. In the past, topics have included Online Marketing; Race and Multiracials in Advertising; Social Values in Advertising; Cause Related Advertising; and Ups and Downs of Advertising - A Glimpse of Social-Cultural Changes in China.


Shortcomings and Sophistications in the Consumer Decision-Making Process

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(53 min.)


Clayton Critcher VPP

Presentation given by Professor Clayton Critcher, University of California, Berkeley, at Ogilvy & Mather NY during the 2014 VPP.

Blurring the Line Between Advertising and Content

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(58 min.)

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Zahr Said VPP
Presentation given by Professor Zahr Said, University of Washington, School of Law, at IBM during the 2014 VPP.

Branded Entertainment, Past and Present

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(48 min.)

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Cynthia Meyers
Presentation given by Cynthia Meyers, Ph.D., College of Mt. Saint Vincent, at BBDO, New York during the 2013 VPP.

Millenials in Transition

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(58:29 min.)

Frauke Hachtmann
Presentation given by Frauke Hachtmann, Ph.D., Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln, at Energy JWT, New York during the 2012 VPP.

Latina/os in Primetime, 2006-2012

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(01:46:12 hrs.)

Clara Rodriguez
Presentation given by Dr. Clara E. Rodriguez, Fordham University, at The Vidal Partnership during the 2012 VPP.

Competing for a Consumer's Identity

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(45:34 min.)

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Ryan Hamilton
Presentation given by Ryan Hamilton, Emory University, at Energy BBDO during the 2011 VPP.

Looking for Love

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(46:53 min.)

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View Quiz

Jane Thomas
Presentation given by Jane Thomas, Winthrop University, at DDB New York during the 2011 VPP.

Rebuilding the PRodigy PR Firm: Notes on a Student-Run Company at Florida A&M University

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(55:15 min.)

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Gina Kinchlow
Presentation given by Gina Kinchlow, Florida A&M University, at Deutsch, Inc. during the 2011 VPP.

Building a Brand in the Online Grocery Industry

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(50:37 min.)

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Adam Peruta
Presentation given by Adam Peruta, Ithaca College, at R/GA during the 2011 VPP.

Global Brand Equity Through Advertising

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(41:20 min.)


Anshu Arora
Presentation given by Anshu Arora, Savannah State University at Young & Rubicam during the 2010 VPP.

Beyond Orientalism: 'Represent Asians' of the Future

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(55 min.)


Karen Cardozo
Presentation given by Karen Cardozo, Amherst College at Young & Rubicam during the 2008 VPP.

From the Hucksters to Mad Men

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(30 min.)


Susan Smulyan
Presentation given by Susan Smulyan, Brown University at Ogilvy & Mather during the 2008 VPP.

Advertising: A Global Perspective

View Presentation
(35 min.)


Fei Xue
Presentation given by Fei Xue, University of Southern Mississippi at DDB during the 2007 VPP.

Sports Event Marketing

View Part 1 (29 min.)

View Part 2 (39 min.)

Lance Kinney
Presentation given by Lance Kinney, University of Alabama at Time Warner during the 2006 VPP.

Ethnography in Advertising

View Part 1 (30 min.)

View Part 2 (37 min.)

View slide presentation (pdf)

Amy Struthers
Presentation given by Amy Struthers, University of Nebraska, Lincoln at McCann Erickson during the 2006 VPP.

Marketing Luxury Items Globally

View Part 1 (29 min.)

View Part 2 (26 min.)

Helen Caldwell
Presentation given by Helen Caldwell, Providence College at Publicis during the 2006 VPP.

Marketing Miscegenation: Interracial Imagery in Contemporary Advertising

View Part 1 (20 min.)

View Part 2 (22 min.)

Caroline Streeter

Presentation given by Caroline Streeter, University of California, Los Angeles at DDB Worldwide during the 2005 VPP.


Due to technical difficulties at the time of taping, we are unable to share all presentations.




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