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Mobile-Ad Spending Leaps, but Trails User Growth (07/24/14)
Outlays expected to jump 83% this year, but remain small compared to time on devices....
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Advertising in Schools Becoming More Common (06/07/12)
Financially struggling schools nationwide are increasing the volume of advertising that children see in the halls, at football games and even on their report cards.
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Manufacturers Continue to Place More Focus on Online Marketing (12/12/11)
New survey shows that 49% of respondents indicated that they will be spending more than one-third of their marketing budget online.
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TV Lures Ads as Audiences Scatter (09/26/11)
The very fragmentation of modern media has made television all the more valuable. ...
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Global Ad Consensus Grows Gloomier, Online Remains The Sweet Spot (08/24/11)
A new estimate calls for worldwide ad spending to rise 4.4% this year, a downward revision of more than half a percentage point.
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Viewers' Age and Sex Shouldn't Matter to Marketers (03/28/11)
CBS Network proposes new model for TV planning and buying based on viewer behavior and attitudes. ...
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Ad Recovery Continues (12/10/10)
While growth in spending in 2011 will be uneven globally, forecasts point up....
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Laggards Amid the Ad Rebound (08/25/10)
Pharmaceutical makers, travel firms and Hollywood have yet to restore cuts to marketing budgets....
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Outdoor Ad Industry Finally Gets Its Improved Metrics (04/07/10)
'Eyes On' currency should help outdoor compare against, and compete with, other media....
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Patrolling Bad Behavior (03/24/10)
A consumer privacy bill will be introduced over the next few weeks that will likely impact the entire $25 billion online ad market.
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Senators Go After Tax Deduction for Advertising (10/26/09)
Move could end deal between PhRMA and Administration, jeopardize healthcare reform bill. ...
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There's a Glimpse of Blue Sky on the Economic Horizon (10/22/09)
There's an almost tangible hope that the advertising and media sectors are no longer treading water, but crawling gingerly onto muddy shores.
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GLBT Consumers Stay Upbeat on Economy (09/23/09)
With consumers in general watching their discretionary spending carefully, Garber said that the GLBT audience could be a refuge for marketers of luxury goods.
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Ad Industry Gears Up for Battles With Washington (08/13/09)
Health care, behavioral marketing and kids' TV among myriad fronts....
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Restaurants Take Trip to Store (06/15/09)
Chains tout branded products in supermarket aisles....
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As Storefronts Become Vacant, Ads Arrive (05/15/09)
Almost every category of advertising is declining precipitously in this economy, but there is one that is thriving.
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Alcohol, infomercials get prime TV time (02/18/09)
Some publishers and stations acknowledge that the economy has forced changes in the type of ads they are willing to accept.
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Online-Video Ads Show Slower Growth (12/19/08)
Even online video ads are showing some signs of faltering amid the recession....
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Advertising Industry Manifesto (11/03/08)
Advertising exists as an influence on the world's economy....
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