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Agenda (09/16/16)
Agenda for 2016 Symposium...
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Why Nostalgia Marketing Works So Well With Millennials, And How Your Brand Can Benefit (08/05/16)
Aligning marketing strategies with emotion has already proven to be successful, but tapping into fond memories can be an invaluable tactic, especially for engaging millennials.
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Rush of Women's Sites Gives Marketers a Wealth of Choices (02/25/16)
The surge in niche digital properties means more options for marketers, especially as publishers go after specific demographic slices such as millennial mothers.
> Industry > News Articles > 2016
The latest shift in teen spending is killing brands like Tiffany (01/27/16)
Young people would prefer to spend their money on experiences or technology....
> Industry > News Articles > 2016
How 'Crash the Super Bowl' Changed Advertising (01/07/16)
Crash -- which is in its tenth and final year -- is widely seen as a groundbreaking program that put crowdsourced ads on the map.
> Industry > News Articles > 2016
How Typecasting Millennials Is Hurting Ad Buyers (01/04/16)
It's no longer about buying audiences, but about individual users....
> Industry > News Articles > 2016
Agencies Increase Focus on Cause Marketing (07/15/14)
Cause marketing is a growing trend in advertising, as agencies seek to align the brands they represent with social causes.
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Marketing to Millennials: How to Capture Gen Y Consumers (06/18/14)
There's an important reason that brands are focusing so intently on pleasing Generation Y: their unprecedented influential power.
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Selling With Nostalgia, Post-Boomer (06/17/14)
Madison Avenue seeks to evoke warm feelings and fond memories in consumers....
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The Millennial Male Is Not Who You Think He Is (10/10/13)
Millennials are the biggest generation in history, and if you can’t reach them, somebody else will.
> Industry > News Articles
How to Get Millennials to Love and Share Your Product (08/20/13)
This generation wants to be engaged and feel good about themselves....
> Industry > News Articles
Marketing to Millennials (07/22/13)
By Jeff Fromm and Christie Garton...
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Your [Choose Your Expletive] Ad Here (01/21/13)
Marketers say they believe that including swear words will help the ads appeal to the target audience.
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Millennials Want to Party With Your Brand But On Their Own Terms (08/09/12)
Boomers may be big spenders, but their kids will be the largest consumer generation in history....
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The Tween Machine (06/28/12)
She is influential and already knows more about technology than you ever will. And she has marketers in her sway.
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Multicultural Is the New Mainstream for Brewers in Search of Growth (05/24/12)
As Hispanics, African-Americans become crucial, MillerCoors, A-B ease off frat-boy approach. ...
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Big Marketers on Campus (04/09/12)
Colleges are fertile ground to create word-of-mouth because they comprise a close-knit group of consumers.
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How Cool Brands Stay Hot (09/23/11)
By Joeri Van den Bergh and Mattias Behrer...
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On Campus, It’s One Big Commercial (09/16/11)
Companies from Microsoft on down are increasingly seeking out the big men and women on campus to influence their peers.
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Now the Cart Belongs to Daddy (01/25/11)
Survey finds 51% of men are primary grocery shoppers, but few believe advertising speaks to them....
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