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In AARP’s View, Advertisers Need to Focus (07/25/12)
Marketers are well aware that older consumers are purchasing their brands and may assume they are reaching them by advertising on television.
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In Shift, Ads Try to Entice Over-55 Set (05/17/11)
After 40 years of catering to younger consumers, advertisers and media executives are coming to a different realization: older people aren’t so bad, after all.
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Television's Senior Moment (03/14/11)
As audiences get older, so do the characters — and ads cost more....
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Marketing to Today's 65-plus Consumers (07/30/09)
It's getting awfully tricky to advertise to this audience....
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The Older Audience Is Looking Better Than Ever (04/22/09)
For decades, older consumers were largely shunned by marketers because they were deemed less wealthy, less likely to try new products and less willing to change brands.
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Tailoring Messages to a New Audience: Wrinkled Baby Boomers (10/08/07)
The arrival of the baby boomers into the upper age brackets is the leading reason for the shift in opinions about older consumers.
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BOOM (02/12/07)
By Mary Brown & Carol Orsborn, Ph.D....
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Not Getting Older, Just More Scrutinized (10/16/06)
Marketers know they want to attract boomers' considerable cash, but the demographic's sheer numbers -- 78 million -- make it challenging to reach them as a group.
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US Advertisers 'Insult' over-40s (09/27/06)
Advertisers frequently err in approaching the so-called 'baby-boomers' by communicating overly general messages based on stereotypes.
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Still Sexy at 60? (07/31/06)
Start-up magazines, web sites beckon to aging Baby Boomers. ...
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A New Age for the Ad Biz (06/08/06)
Marketers who once focused on youth are trying to entice the graying baby boom set....
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Flower Power in Ad Land (04/14/06)
Learning to know the needs and wants of the current crop of aging consumers is the purpose of extensive research.
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Advertising to Baby Boomers (06/22/05)
By Chuck Nyren
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Over 50 and Out of Favor (05/13/05)
Advertisers and thus TV networks are fixated on 18- to 49-year-olds, but aging baby boomers say they shouldn't be taken for granted.
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Oldies but goodies (03/16/05)
Marketers, take note: Baby boomers have lots of money to spend....
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AARP Aims to Deliver Message to Marketers (01/15/04)
Four million Americans turn 50 each year, while last year consumers over 50 spent nearly $400 billion.
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Selling to 45-Plus Generation: That's Where the Money Is (12/04/03)
America is aging, and some people suggest that marketers are going to have to change their ways and start trying to appeal to the older set.
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A new truism for reaching gray-heads (09/29/03)
Older people are going to become a lot harder to reach through TV in the coming years, and the reason is that so many intend to stay in the workplace.
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Some consumers want ads for a mature audience (11/22/02)
Folks over 50 are being hailed as the new yuppies - about one-third of the U.S. population but controlling three-fourths of the wealth.
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JWT Set to Criticize Ageism in Ads (09/06/02)
A top executive speaks out about how the nation's marketers have failed to address the needs of older Americans.
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