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Case Histories (07/09/14)

> On-Campus > Classroom Resources > Case Histories
Connected by Design (05/28/14)
By Barry Wacksman and Chris Stutzman...
> On-Campus > Classroom Resources > Book Excerpts
Making Hard Choices for Native's Survival (05/06/14)
With advertisers now looking to create content, media is again going through a period of excitement.
> Industry > News Articles > 2014
Mobile Marketing (12/20/13)
By Daniel Rowles
> On-Campus > Classroom Resources > Book Excerpts
As Online Ads Look More Like News Articles, F.T.C. Warns Against Deception (12/10/13)
Consumer-protection officials have grown concerned that even information labeled advertising can mislead consumers.
> Industry > News Articles
Stand Clear of Closing Doors! Protect Your Manicure (11/04/13)
The project, called the L’Oréal Paris Intelligent Color Experience, is being described by the participants as an entry in the realm of interactive shopping outside of traditional stores.
> Industry > News Articles
In Wake of Privacy Laws, Kids' Sites See Ad Revenue Plummet (08/30/13)
Smaller companies banning behaviorally-targeted ads, conducting expensive audits....
> Industry > News Articles
VPP Lunchtime Talks (08/29/13)
> On-Campus > Professor Resources > Visiting Professor Program
The Marketer's Guide to Reaching Millennials (06/13/13)
To "own" millennials, marketers will need to understand how they link with each other, with brands, with influencers, with media platforms and their devices.
> Industry > News Articles
Ads That Speak the Language of Social Media (03/28/13)
The appropriation of the trappings of social media for marketing purposes is an example of a tactic known as borrowed interest.
> Industry > News Articles
FTC Says Tweet Ads Need Some Fine Print (03/18/13)
Short-form ads on Twitter and Facebook can't mislead consumers, federal regulators said Tuesday....
> Industry > News Articles
U.S. Is Tightening Web Privacy Rule to Shield Young (10/04/12)
Federal regulators are about to take the biggest steps in more than a decade to protect children online.
> Industry > News Articles > 2012
Ad agency InterTrend uses Web to connect with Asians (09/21/12)
InterTrend created a Web series for AT&T using a Japanese style of storytelling. The series could provide a template for advertising in the future.
> Industry > News Articles > 2012
Introduction (09/20/12)
> On-Campus > AEF Symposia > 2012 Symposium
Child's Play: Food Makers Hook Kids on Mobile Games (09/20/12)
U.S. food companies are reaching children by embedding their products in simple and enticing games for touch-screen phones and tablets.
> Industry > News Articles > 2012
Agenda (09/13/12)
Agenda for 2012 Symposium...
> On-Campus > AEF Symposia > 2012 Symposium
Marketers Take Mobile Ads for a Test Drive (07/19/12)
Even as smartphones account for 10 percent of the time spent consuming media, they draw only 1 percent of advertising spending in the U.S.
> Industry > News Articles > 2012
Ads That Know Your Name: Magazines Push Further Into Personalization (03/07/12)
Trying to answer the digital era's increasing demands for personalization, magazines are pushing further into ads that address readers individually.
> Industry > News Articles > 2012
Adaptive Marketing Set to Become the Next Big Thing (02/14/12)
Consumers are increasingly comfortable providing their information with companies they know will use it to help personalize their products and communications.
> Industry > News Articles > 2012
Millennials Remain Difficult To Reach (01/27/12)
Digital ads will become more creative in 2012 to motivate a generation often characterized as "stimulation junkies".
> Industry > News Articles > 2012
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