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Advertising & Society Review (08/12/14)
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The 'Charm of 3' Approach to Marketing (01/02/14)
There is an empirically discovered 'tipping point' for when positive claims about a product can actually turn persuasion into skepticism.
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About Face (01/12/11)
By Dan Hill
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Freud on Madison Avenue (08/25/10)
By Larry Samuel
> On-Campus > Classroom Resources > Book Excerpts
Persuasive Advertising (07/28/10)
By J. Scott Armstrong...
> On-Campus > Classroom Resources > Book Excerpts
In a World of Ads, Teaching the Young How to Read Them (05/03/10)
The initiative seeks to educate children in grades four through six about how advertising works so they can make better, more informed choices.
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Hidden Persuasion or Junk Science? (09/14/07)
Fifty years after the publication of Vance Packard's classic, does 'Neuromarketing' play a real role in today's ad business?
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Storytelling: Escaping the Price War (07/17/06)
Companies that want to maintain brand status in the future must justify to consumers what makes them so special.
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Shop 'Til You Drop (04/25/06)
By Arthur Asa Berger
> On-Campus > Classroom Resources > Book Excerpts
Persuasion (12/05/05)
Advertising is about selling. By nature, advertising is neither neutral nor objective. Pleading its case through the strongest, most persuasive means, advertising informs, entertains and sells.
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Does Advertising Motivate Gay Consumers Differently Than Non-Gay Consumers? (11/21/05)
These results show some of the attitudes and responses to commercial advertising -- whether online, television and print -- by all consumers, and measures differences.
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The Advertised Mind (08/11/05)
By Erik du Plessis
> On-Campus > Classroom Resources > Book Excerpts
Searching for the Why of Buy (03/07/05)
Researchers scan for insight into how marketing may brand the brain's preference for products and politicians.
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Advertising and the Mind of the Consumer (10/19/00)
By Dr. Max Sutherland and Alice K. Sylvester...
> On-Campus > Classroom Resources > Book Excerpts
Advertising Ideas Not Involving the Web (10/18/00)
Explanation of the four basic advertising trends....
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Advertising: Divorce Becoming More Common in Campaigns (10/12/00)
Advertisers that include divorced families in commercials recognize that American society accepts it as a fact of life.
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Teaching Kids About Marketing Techniques (08/31/00)
A summer camp to teach children the secrets of marketing....
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Elaborate Musical Commercials Make a Comeback (07/14/00)
Extravagant musical productions are being revived for television commercials to attract consumers....
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High-Tech Marketers Love ‘Love Bug’ (06/23/00)
Yesterday, just days after the so-called “love bug” attacked hundreds of thousands of computers, antivirus companies such as Symantec Corp. and Network Associates Inc.’s myCIO.com unit plastered ...
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Madison Avenue Making a Push to Advertise Advertising (05/23/00)
The Advertising Educational Foundation in New York has put up a Web site at www.AEF.com to answer questions from prospective industry employees.
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