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Behind the Preplanned Oscar Selfie: Samsung's Ad Strategy (03/06/14)
Samsung spent nearly $20 million on ad time—and got product placement for Galaxy phone....
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VPP Lunchtime Talks (08/29/13)
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Never Too Many Players on the Field (02/02/12)
From Namath to Brady, teaming marketers and star athletes is a winning tactic (most of the time)....
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TV Product Placements Termed Junk Food Ad Loophole (08/05/11)
Companies that have pledged not to market unhealthy food and beverages directly to children may be turning to product placement on television shows instead of traditional ads to target youngsters.
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Airlines serve ads to a captive audience (10/06/08)
Some carriers see overhead bins and even tray tables as valuable real estate for commercial messages.
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Product Placements Acquire a Life of Their Own on Shows (07/17/08)
These days consumer brands not only appear on shows, but are also elaborately woven into the plot, with advertisers calling a lot of the shots.
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Product Placements Get FCC Scrutiny (06/27/08)
Regulators are mostly interested in improving the amount of disclosure advertisers and producers will have to provide for consumers during the TV programs.
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Product Placement on Reality TV Seems Somehow More Realistic (01/31/08)
Contestants in reality shows are usually more willing to pitch products than the actors in scripted programs.
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So That’s Why They Drink Coke on TV (12/13/07)
Consumers try as hard as they can to run away from sales pitches and commercial jingles, so marketers continually seek new ways to hunt them down.
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Ads Keep Spreading, but Are Consumers Immune? (11/23/07)
Advertiser encroachment on all forms of media may well wind up backfiring....
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Bands and brands going hand in hand (07/26/07)
In licensing songs, musicians make money, products get promoted -- but it's fans crying foul. ...
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Advertiser cash flows to indie film projects (06/06/07)
Companies seek a bond with audiences beyond product placement. ...
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The problem with TV ads (03/27/07)
Too many commercials attempt to be funny or entertaining. But aren't ads supposed to tell you something about a product?
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Blogging for dollars raises questions of online ethics (03/14/07)
Payments by advertisers to bloggers for writing about their goods, critics say, blur the line between opinion and product placement.
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This Air Sickness Bag Is Brought to You By ... (03/09/07)
Passengers on a domestic flight are a captive audience for an average of two and a half hours. ...
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Product placement - you can't escape it (10/13/06)
Advertising is intruding on more previously untouched corners of life, including novels, hotel shower curtains, school buses and the bellies of pregnant women.
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The Plot Is the Pitch (09/05/06)
Short films are another example of a trend that is remaking the marketing landscape, known as branded entertainment.
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A Column on (Your Product Here) Placement (08/21/06)
Product placement is an example of a phenomenon known as ad creep, in which popular culture grows increasingly commercialized.
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There's no escaping today's ad-meisters (07/14/06)
It's getting harder to tune out ads. Think: Fruit, tables, urinals....
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Product Placement Deals Make Leap From Film to Books (06/16/06)
By now, when television and movie viewers see sneakers or cars on a show or in a film, they generally assume that these appearances have been paid for by the companies that make the brands. But product...
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