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New Study Suggests Alcohol TV Ads are Linked with Underage Drinking (01/23/15)
A new study suggests that exposure to an alcohol ad on TV can increase the likelihood young people will pick up a drink.
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Lawmakers Pressure the FDA to Regulate E-Cigs With New Report (04/17/14)
E-Cigarette marketers accused of targeting kids and teens....
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Whatever Happened to the Ad War on Drugs? (03/27/14)
After peaking at rate of $1M in media time a day in late 80s, Anti-Drug Campaign airtime has been on steady decline.
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Report Slams Marlboro for Marketing to Teens Globally (03/17/14)
Consortium of health groups calls for Philip Morris to end campaign, asks countries to enforce ad bans.
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Booze Industry Breaks its Own Underage Ad Rules (11/12/13)
The alcohol industry has violated its own rules aimed at keeping booze ads away from under-age viewers.
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FTC Study Taking Aim at Online Marketing of Booze (01/25/13)
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plans recommendations for the alcoholic beverage industry to better protect underage viewers from seeing its advertisements online.
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Court Strikes Graphic Cigarette Labels (08/30/12)
A federal appeals court on Friday struck down requirements for large graphic warning labels on cigarette packages.
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Liquor Ads Win Airtime (08/29/12)
Broadcast networks relax voluntary ban, but confine spots to late-night hours....
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Multicultural Is the New Mainstream for Brewers in Search of Growth (05/24/12)
As Hispanics, African-Americans become crucial, MillerCoors, A-B ease off frat-boy approach. ...
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New Rules for Alcohol Companies to Advertise and Market on Social Networks (09/28/11)
Spirits makers in the U.S. and Europe will be held to a new set of self-regulatory guidelines for advertising and marketing on social networking sites.
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F.T.C. to Take Another Look at Alcohol Ads (03/15/11)
The Federal Trade Commission plans to study the effectiveness of the voluntary guidelines followed by most marketers of alcoholic beverages.
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Tougher Health Warnings Are Free With Every Pack (11/15/10)
The U.S. government may require graphic images for cigarette packaging and advertising, part of its stepped-up war on tobacco.
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Youth Exposure To Alcohol Mag Ads Declines (08/17/10)
Wine, beer, and spirits advertisers have mostly complied with their voluntary commitment to decrease the amount of youth exposure to alcohol ads in consumer magazines.
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Ad Groups File Brief In Tobacco Act Appeal (06/14/10)
Tobacco companies' appeal of a federal court decision in favor of most of the ad restrictions contained in the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act is being supported by the 4A's and two o...
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Judge Lifts Some Tobacco Ad Limits (01/13/10)
As written, the law would limit advertising to black text with no graphics except in magazines with few young readers or in retail establishments open only to adults.
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Tobacco Regulation Is Expected to Face a Free-Speech Challenge (06/22/09)
The controversy, legal experts say, involves tension between the right of tobacco companies to communicate with adult smokers and the public interest in preventing young people from smoking.
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FDA Set to Take Control of Tobacco Regulation (06/17/09)
Heavy advertising and marketing restrictions are expected for an industry whose top three companies spent a combined $44 million on measured media last year.
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Alcohol, infomercials get prime TV time (02/18/09)
Some publishers and stations acknowledge that the economy has forced changes in the type of ads they are willing to accept.
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Study: Kids See Fewer Alcohol Ads (12/26/07)
Though youth exposure to alcohol marketing on TV overall and in national magazines has declined, exposure to alcohol ads on cable TV has increased.
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4A's Fearful of Looming Tobacco-Ad Legislation (08/03/07)
Bill does little to alter cigarette marketing but could set precedent for booze, food....
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