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New Study Suggests Alcohol TV Ads are Linked with Underage Drinking (01/23/15)
A new study suggests that exposure to an alcohol ad on TV can increase the likelihood young people will pick up a drink.
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Partnership for Drug-Free Kids (11/11/14)

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Agencies Increase Focus on Cause Marketing (07/15/14)
Cause marketing is a growing trend in advertising, as agencies seek to align the brands they represent with social causes.
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Marketers' New Tactics in the Food Label Wars (06/23/14)
Food and beverage companies tout several initiatives to demonstrate the success of self-regulation....
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Lawmakers Pressure the FDA to Regulate E-Cigs With New Report (04/17/14)
E-Cigarette marketers accused of targeting kids and teens....
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Whatever Happened to the Ad War on Drugs? (03/27/14)
After peaking at rate of $1M in media time a day in late 80s, Anti-Drug Campaign airtime has been on steady decline.
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Booze Industry Breaks its Own Underage Ad Rules (11/12/13)
The alcohol industry has violated its own rules aimed at keeping booze ads away from under-age viewers.
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Star athletes like LeBron, Serena cash in on junk food endorsements (10/14/13)
Underlying the research is a recommendation from the World Health Organization for policies limiting young people's exposure to food advertising.
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The Marketer's Guide to Reaching Millennials (06/13/13)
To "own" millennials, marketers will need to understand how they link with each other, with brands, with influencers, with media platforms and their devices.
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FTC Study Taking Aim at Online Marketing of Booze (01/25/13)
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) plans recommendations for the alcoholic beverage industry to better protect underage viewers from seeing its advertisements online.
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Millennials Want to Party With Your Brand But On Their Own Terms (08/09/12)
Boomers may be big spenders, but their kids will be the largest consumer generation in history....
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New Rules on Kids' Web Ads (08/06/12)
Federal regulators are calling for new restrictions on tracking children on the Web and smartphones.
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The Tween Machine (06/28/12)
She is influential and already knows more about technology than you ever will. And she has marketers in her sway.
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Facebook Data on Kids Could Help Target Ads to Parents (06/19/12)
Marketers and agency executives are split as to whether the move will facilitate a new channel for brands to target and advertise to children.
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Advertising in Schools Becoming More Common (06/07/12)
Financially struggling schools nationwide are increasing the volume of advertising that children see in the halls, at football games and even on their report cards.
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Big Marketers on Campus (04/09/12)
Colleges are fertile ground to create word-of-mouth because they comprise a close-knit group of consumers.
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Millennials Remain Difficult To Reach (01/27/12)
Digital ads will become more creative in 2012 to motivate a generation often characterized as "stimulation junkies".
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Marketers Hitting Campus Harder Than Ever (10/20/11)
Brands hope to seize on students' new spending power, seed loyalty for the future. ...
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New Rules for Alcohol Companies to Advertise and Market on Social Networks (09/28/11)
Spirits makers in the U.S. and Europe will be held to a new set of self-regulatory guidelines for advertising and marketing on social networking sites.
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Parents decry marketers who push sexuality on little girls (04/14/11)
By turning kids into pint-size consumers, marketers are turning them old before their time....
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